New law prohibits minors from purchasing, possessing e-cigarettes

A new law regarding electronic nicotine delivery systems and youth smoking prevention went into effect Oct. 1

Public Act No. 14-76 makes it illegal for a minor (under age 18) to buy or possess in public an “electronic nicotine delivery system” or “vapor product” — known as e-cigarettes — and for anyone to sell, give, or deliver one to a minor.

It subjects violators to some of the same penalties the law imposes on those who commit similar violations regarding tobacco cigarettes.

The act also imposes fines, in addition to existing civil penalties on people who sell improperly packaged or individual cigarettes.

The new law increases the amount of money the Tobacco and Health Trust Fund board of trustees can disburse annually, starting in Fiscal Year 2014, and allows the board to operate in Fiscal Year 2016. A prior law had suspended the board’s operation for 2016.