New Wilton section of Norwalk River Valley Trail is open

The Norwalk River Valley Trail is pleased to announce that its newest section of trail is now open to the public. The section, part of the east-side “Wilton Loop,” runs one-half mile north from Sharp Hill Road to near Twin Oak Lane. The section begins as a level, mostly shaded path through mixed woodland and crumbling stone walls. There is a dirt side trail leading to Parish Road, and a rough rock bench put together by our trail builders. The trail then descends to cross an intermittent brook, ending soon after at the edge of wetlands.    
The opening of this newest section means that, since November 2013, 1.6 miles of the east-side loop have been completed (from Route 7 at Wolfpit Road to near Twin Oak Lane). The trail is now long enough, out and back, to host a 5K run.

“The trail is a great resource for the Wilton High School cross country and track teams,” says coach Jim Gerweck. Since the opening of the first section of the Loop in April 2014, community use of the trail has grown impressively.
“Cliff and I are always impressed by the number of people we see on the trail. It has become a real focal point of the community, a place to meet and exercise at the same time,” says Norma Fox, a donor with husband Cliff to the new section of trail.
The focus of the Wilton Loop project will now move on to extending the east-side loop as far as Skunk Lane, a project that will involve construction of a 200-foot-plus boardwalk over wetlands.
The progress made by the NRVT is entirely thanks to generous donations from the community. Two recent challenge grants from local donors have provided a significant foundation for the funds needed to extend the trail to Skunk Lane. If an additional $250,000 can be raised, we may be able to begin construction of this next section in the fall.

Also this fall, the NRVT expects to build a trail along the southern edge of Horseshoe Pond on the west side of the Loop.
For those interested in contributing to the NRVT, tax-deductible contributions may be sent to The Friends of the NRVT, P.O. Box 174, Georgetown, CT 06829, or made via the Donate button on our website,
For general information about the NRVT, please visit the website, our Facebook page, or contact the NRVT office at and 203-563-0180.