Native soil

A new law will take effect Oct. 1 that affects products sold at farmers’ markets.
Any items sold with the Connecticut Grown brand and logo must be accompanied by a clearly visible sign that identifies the name and address of the farm or business where the product was grown or made. The sign must also be placed “in the immediate proximity” of the product.
Fraudulent use of the label is not believed to be widespread, but the state Department of Agriculture receives numerous complaints each year about allegedly deceptive practices, a press release said.
The new law, which does not apply to farm stands or grocery stores, increases the fine for violators from $25 to $100. First-time violators usually receive a warning.
Products grown or produced in Connecticut or within a 10-mile radius of the point of sale may be labeled as native, native-grown, local, or locally grown, but are only subject to the new law if they are labeled Connecticut Grown.