Metro-North announces temporary branch line changes

Metro-North has announced the temporary schedule that will be in effect on the Danbury branch line effective Saturday, March 1.

The changes, which include providing buses in place of some trains, are necessitated by problems with signals at some of the grade crossings. This problem, which activated crossing barriers and lights when no train was coming, resulted in trains using a “stop and warn” system at each crossing, resulting in delays.

According to Metro-North, the following service adjustments are in effect:

Weekday Peak

All AM Peak trains will depart Danbury 8-10 minutes earlier.

PM Peak trains from South Norwalk to Danbury will arrive up to 11 minutes later.

Passengers using the morning reverse peak service between South Norwalk and Danbury (the 7:33 a.m. and 8:48 a.m. train from South Norwalk) will get on buses.

Weekday Off-peak

Riders taking weekday off-peak trains will ride buses instead.

Departing Danbury (to South Norwalk): Buses will substitute for all trains and leave Danbury up to 25 minutes earlier.

Departing South Norwalk (to Danbury): All trains will be bused and arrive in Danbury up to 20 minutes later, except the 4:15 p.m. from South Norwalk to Danbury, which will operate as a train and arrive in Danbury 11 minutes later.

Weekend Substitute Busing

All trains will be replaced with buses.

Buses will leave Danbury (to South Norwalk) up to 14 minutes earlier;

Buses departing South Norwalk (to Danbury) will arrive up to 20 minutes later.

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