Malloy outlines priorities for Metro-North service goals

Anticipating a new schedule that would increase the length of train rides, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy outlined his expectations and priorities for Metro-North Railroad’s performance today, April 18. In its 100-Day improvement strategy, Metro-North announced schedule changes would take effect May 11.

In a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Metro-North, Mr. Malloy urged Metro-North to use the change as an opportunity to focus on the goals of safety, reliability and optimal trip times while addressing customer complaints about late, crowded and slow trains.

“I expect that the new schedule will reflect your commitment to deliver a comprehensive program of safe, reliable and fast service in Connecticut,” Mr. Malloy wrote. “Indeed, Connecticut will not approve the new schedule without it.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the safe, reliable and timely service that Connecticut residents expect and deserve.

“From what I have been told, the schedule changes are adding minutes to train times and reducing the target for on-time performance — and we have not received an adequate explanation for either.

“Safety is our number one goal, but safety, reliability and optimal trip times are mutually attainable goals. The May schedule must achieve the right balance for all three; customers must be confident that the railroad is safe, trip times are as short as possible, and that they can expect trains to be on time at least 95 percent of the time. We must have a clear explanation of why these goals cannot be achieved together at this time and a firm target for achieving them.”