Connecticut’s got milk

Connecticut is not a powerhouse when it comes to milk cows and milk production, but it does figure into the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Northeast Milk Production Report, issued July 22.

The number of milk cows in Connecticut declined slightly in April-June 2016 to 19,000 head, down from 19,500 for the same period in 2015.

But the state produced more milk — 105 million pounds this year  — compared to 102 million for the same three-month period last year.

New York and Pennsylvania are the major Northeaster milk producers. For April to June 2016, New York had 620,000 head of dairy cows that produced 3,760,000,000 pounds of milk, yielding an average of 2,015 pound per cow last month.

Pennsylvania had 530,000 head of cows that produced 2,809,000,000 gallons of milk. That is an average yield of 1,725 pounds per cow.