Connecticut has 5th highest tax burden

Connecticut has the fifth highest overall tax burden in the United States, according to personal financing social network WalletHub.

WalletHub defines tax burden as "the exact portion of the total personal income of residents in a state that are paid toward state and local taxes."

To identify which states tax residents most and least aggressively for its 2016 States with the Highest and Lowest Tax Burdens ranking, WalletHub compared all 50 states across the following three tax burdens and added the results to find their overall tax burdens:

  • Property tax as a fraction of personal income

  • Individual income tax as a fraction of personal income.

  • Total sales and gross receipts tax as a fraction of personal income.

With the nation's seventh highest property tax burden (4.39%), fifth highest individual income tax burden (3.49%), and 11th lowest total sales and gross receipts tax burden (3.03%), Connecticut's total tax burden is 10.91%.

At 13.12%, New York has the highest tax burden in the nation, followed by Hawaii (11.86%). Maine and Vermont each had a total tax burden of 11.13%.

Alaska had the lowest total tax burden at 5.18%, followed by Delaware (5.91%) and Tennessee (6.56%).