Connecticut has 18th best health return on investment in the U.S.

The state of Connecticut has the 18th best health-related return on investment (ROI) in the nation, according to personal finance social network WalletHub.

To determine the states with the best and worst health ROI, WalletHub created a health ROI metric using data from 47 states — excluding Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont, due to data limitations — in order to determine the quality of health care relative to cost in each state.

In 2013, according to WalletHub, "the average annual health insurance premium for an individual had a price tag of $5,884, while families paid an average of $16,351."

These averages reflect a 74% increase in single coverage and an 80% increase in family coverage since 2003, according to WalletHub.

The United States spends $2.9 trillion a year on health care, according to WalletHub, but with the costs of health insurance, "it's no surprise that millions of Americans consider forgoing medical attention a better option than draining their savings."

WalletHub used three key metrics in its health ROI analysis:

  • America's Health Rankings.
  • Death rates.
  • Average individual health insurance premiums.

WalletHub then calculated ROI for health care expenditures — each state's overall health ROI ranking — by dividing the quality of health ranking by the health care costs ranking.

To determine the quality of health ranking, WalletHub used the states' death rate rankings and America's Health Rankings, which it referred to as "one of the most reliable sources tracking the health of Americans on the state level."

WalletHub used average individual health insurance premiums as a proxy to determine each state's health care cost ranking.

America's Health Rankings

Connecticut ranked seventh in America's Health Rankings, which "measures health using 27 metric that range from smoking to obesity to sedentary lifestyle and diabetes," according to WalletHub.

Hawaii took the top spot in America's Health Rankings, and Alabama ranked the lowest.

Death rates

With a 21% death rate, Connecticut ranked fifth in WalletHub’s death rate ranking. California took the top spot in the death rate ranking, while Louisiana ranked last.

To determine each state’s death rate ranking, WalletHub looked at death rates observed in 11 age groups, ranging from less than one-year-old to 85 and older.

Health care costs

According to WalletHub’s ranking, Connecticut had the ninth highest, or 38th lowest, average individual health care premiums in the nation, at $322 a month.

Minnesota, which had the No. 1 best health ROI in the nation, also had the lowest health care costs in the nation, according to WalletHub. Alaska, on the other hand, had the highest individual health care premiums in the nation.

Other findings

With the lowest America's Health Ranking and death rate ranking, Mississippi has the worst health ROI in the nation, according to WalletHub's analysis.

WalletHub also discovered that residents in "blue states" receive a better health ROI than residents in "red states."

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