Connecticut drivers rank seventh best in U.S.

Connecticut is home to the seventh best drivers in the nation, according to Car Insurance Comparison (CIC).

Using statistics from sources like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorist Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, CIC ranked all 50 states and Washington, D.C. to find the best and worst drivers in the country.

The states were scored in five categories:

  • Fatalities rates.
  • Careless driving.
  • Failure to obey.
  • Drunk driving.
  • Tickets.

All five category scores were totaled and used to rank the states.

“The higher the score in each category, the worse the drivers,” according to CIC, “and the higher your state’s car insurance rates could be.”

Connecticut received a total score of 87. The state with the best drivers, Vermont, earned a 48.

With a score of 220, Louisiana has the worst drivers in the United States, according to CIC’s analysis.

Fatalities and carelessness

CIC scored each state’s fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

According to CIC’s findings, Connecticut has the fourth lowest driving fatality rate in the nation. Massachusetts has the No. 1 lowest rate, while Montana has the highest fatality rate in the country.

“The connection between careless driving and fatality rate should be even more reason for drivers to put down their cell phones, and keep their eyes on the road,” according to CIC.

Connecticut received a careless driving score of eight, making its drivers the 43rd most, or eighth least, careless in the nation.

The state with the best overall drivers in the nation, Vermont, has the country’s No. 1 least careless drivers, while Florida drivers are the most careless, according to CIC.

Of the 15 states with the best drivers, only four ranked in the bottom half for careless driving, said the CIC, “meaning they were keeping an eye on the road ahead and their surroundings — not on their cell phones.”

Drunk driving and tickets

“Ten of the top 15 states least likely to give you a ticket ranked in the top half of offenders for drunk driving,” according to CIC.

In fact, Connecticut’s worst score of 45 was in the drunk driving category. Its ticketing rate, on the other hand, earned the state a score of 24.

CIC suggested that “perhaps knowing that you’re more likely to get a ticket helps deter drunk drivers.”

Utah received the lowest drunk driving score, while Montana received the highest; and Wyoming earned the lowest ticketing rate score, while Nevada received the highest.

Failure to obey

The last category used in CIC’s ranking was failure to obey, which included traffic signals and seat belts.

According to the CIC’s analysis, Connecticut drivers are the sixth least likely to fail to obey, while Washington D.C. drivers are the No. 1 least likely and  Kentucky drivers are most likely.

New England's best

Five of the top 10 states with the best drivers are from New England, according to CIC’s analysis:

  • Vermont, No. 1 best drivers.
  • New Hampshire, third best drivers.
  • Maine, sixth best drivers.
  • Connecticut, seventh best drivers.
  • Massachusetts, 10th best drivers.

View CIC's full analysis of the best and worst drivers in the U.S. here.