Cablevision: Sunday’s loss of TV, Internet caused by power outage

Cablevision customers across Wilton and the region lost television, Internet and phone service for hours Sunday night, leading many customers to miss all or parts of the Yankees-Red Sox game and a new episode of Breaking Bad, among other evening programs.

“Last evening, some customers in Connecticut experienced a loss of service following a commercial power outage in our Norwalk facility,” Sarah Chaikin, a Cablevision spokesperson, said in a statement when contacted by The Bulletin’s sister papery, The New Canaan Advertiser. “The power matter has been resolved and service has been restored to our customers.”

Requests for more information were not immediately answered.

Along with the company’s services, its Connecticut News 12 station was off the air during the outage that was first noticed around 6:30 Sunday night when the Advertiser‘s office lost its Cablevision Internet. Internet, TV and phone service from the cable company was restored by 8:45 p.m. in the area only to go out again by 9:30 p.m.

Complete restoration in the area appeared to happen by 11 p.m., according to Cablevision. The outages, however, did not affect everyone. Some customers only lost TV while retaining Internet connection, for example. But the area that lost Cablevision services extended from Greenwich to Milford.

Marge Ferris of Pond Road said Monday, “I’m worn out. I’m handicapped. ... I’ve been trying to call them, but their phone has been busy all day, and when I finally go through, they said it wasn’t just my Pond Road house.

“There was no rain. There was no Sandy.” What happened, she asked.

The outage led many customers to express their frustrations on Twitter, complaining about missing parts of Breaking Bad, the popular AMC drama in its last season. Others complained about missing parts of the Yankees-Red Sox Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN. Others, however, took their frustrations a step further, by calling 911 to complain.

This led the Fairfield Police to remind residents via Twitter that losing your cable and Internet is not an actual emergency. However, Fairfield Police Sgt. Suzanne Lussier said Monday an initial check of records showed only one 911 call regarding the Cablevision outage.

Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara said calls “inundated” non-emergency lines.”

Cablevision services are in southwestern Connecticut, the Bronx, Westchester and parts of New Jersey.