Active bomb threat at UConn

In a text message sent to students at 9:37 a.m. this morning, UConn officials told students there was an active bomb threat at the Tasker Building at the Storrs Campus.

The Tasker Building is also known as the school's admissions building.

The full text alert read:

"UConn Alert: There is a bomb threat at the Tasker Building, A.K.A. Admissions. If you are in or near this location evacuate now. Go to [for information]"

Update: Second alert sent out at 10:06 a.m.

10:06 a.m. - UConn has updated their previous text alert, sending a new alert at 10:06 a.m. telling all Storrs-campus students to 'shelter in place.'

The second text alert reads:

"UConn Alert Update: Shelter in place at Storrs campus. Do not make independent decision to evacuate buildings."

Update: All students and faculty traveling to campus told to stop

10:10 AM — University of Connecticut staff are advising all faculty, staff and students who aren’t already on the main campus to stay off campus until the bomb threat at one of the buildings in Storrs is cleared.

The following message, as well as a tweet, was sent out 20 minutes ago:

"Update: At 9:50am, all faculty, staff and students who are travelling to Storrs campus or plan to travel to campus, are advised to stay off campus at this time until further direction is provided."

The Tasker Building

According to the UConn website, the Tasker Building is a hub for admissions at the school.

"All undergraduate applications are reviewed by the Admissions staff working in the Tasker Building (TSK)," the University's maps site says.

The building is located near the North Parking Garage, and is proximate to the Student Union building, as well as the student gym , field house, and UConn Foundation building.

Few students would commonly use this building, unless they were employed by the University Admissions department.


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