52% of Connecticut students go to college out of state

More than half of Connecticut high school graduates, 52%, go to college out of state, according to an analysis conducted by education analytics company Niche Ink.

Between 2012-2014, Niche Ink examined approximately 350,000 college-bound student profiles to see how many leave their home states for higher education.

Niche Ink's analysis found that:

  • 72% of high school graduates go to college in-state.
  • 58% of high school graduates go to college within 100 miles of home.
  • 11% of high school graduates go to college at least 500 miles away from home.

Students from New England and the Mid-Atlantic states leave their home states for college more often than students in the nation's other regions.

Niche Ink pointed out that since states in the Northeast are much smaller than states in the South and West, it is a lot easier for students to attend out-of-state schools.

Other possible reasons why New England and Mid-Atlantic students tend to leave their states to go to college, "could be due to income levels, the quality of K-12 education students receive, college cost and quality and how close graduates are to nearby colleges," according to Niche Ink.

According to the analysis, students from the nation's northern states tend to score highly on standardized tests, which is one criteria used in colleges' acceptances processes.

Niche Ink found that students with higher SAT scores traveled farther for school:

  • 56% of students who score at least 2,100 attend out-of-state college.
  • 40% of students who score 1,800-2,100 attend out-of-state college.
  • 29% of students who score 1,500-1,800 attend out-of-state college.
  • 24% of students who score 1,200-1,500 attend out-of-state college.

When it comes to average distances traveled, students who score at least 2,100 on the SAT travel an average of 526 miles for college, according to Niche Ink.

Niche Ink found that the top 25 colleges with the farthest traveling students tend to be a mix of small and specialized schools.

Of those 25 schools, 14 are located in the Northeast. Yale University in New Haven is the only Connecticut school to make Niche Ink's list of the top 25 colleges with the most students farthest from home, coming in 14th place.

Students who attend Yale travel an average distance of 973 miles, according to Niche Ink's analysis.

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