34% of Connecticut bridges are deficient

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Fairfield County's six structurally deficient bridges as of 2015.
Of Connecticut’s 4,225 bridges, 357 are structurally deficient and 1,087 are functionally obsolete, according to the Federal Highway Administration, which means 1,444 or 34% of the state’s bridges are inadequate.

While the number of structurally deficient Connecticut bridges is at its lowest since 2006, the number of functionally obsolete is at its highest since 2010.

Structurally deficient

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), structurally deficient “require significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement” and “must be inspected at least every year.”

Connecticut has the 26th highest percentage and 38th highest number of structurally deficient bridges in the nation, according to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

Of the 25 most traveled structurally deficient bridges in Connecticut, six are in Fairfield County and have the following daily crossings:

  • Yankee Doodle Bridge (Norwalk): 146,000.

  • I-95 bridge over Route 33 at Exit 17 (Westport): 130,100.

  • I-95 bridge over Byram River (Greenwich): 129,600.

  • I-95 and I-95 ramps over Metro-North Railroad and local roads 0.2 miles east of Exit 8 northbound (Stamford): 126,400.

  • Route 8 over Housatonic River, Route 110 at Route 8, Exit 14 (Shelton): 63,300.

  • Route 15 over Saugatuck River between Exits 41 and 42 (Westport): 60,200.

According to the ARTBA, Iowa has the most structurally deficient bridges in the United States (5,025), followed by Pennsylvania (4,783) and Oklahoma (3,776), and Washington, D.C. has the fewest (10).

Functionally obsolete

According to the ASCE, functionally obsolete bridges “no longer meet the current standards that are used today,” like bridges with narrow lanes or low load-carrying capacity.

Connecticut has the 27th highest number of functionally obsolete bridges in the country, while Texas has the most (8,923), followed by New York (4,698) and California (4,419). Washington, D.C. has the fewest (164).

According to the Federal Highway Administration, of the nation’s 611,845 bridges, 58,791 are structurally deficient and 84,124 are functionally obsolete.

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