Wilton teen starts professional photography business

Kendall LaMantia Photography
One of Wilton’s youngest entrepreneurs is entering her senior year at Wilton High School this fall. Her name is Kendall LaMantia.

Last year, Kendall started providing professional photography services for children, families, high school seniors and events through her business, Kendall LaMantia Photography.

“I’ve always enjoyed photography, but I really got into it my freshman year when I took Photo I,” said Kendall, whose Wilton High School art teacher, Susanne Brandt, encouraged her to do professional photography.

“Mrs. Brandt has taught me so much,” said Kendall, “and she has been very encouraging.”

Not only has Brandt entered many of her photos into contests, said Kendall, but she also set up some of her first professional photography gigs. Kendall’s first professional shoot was of a band called On the Road last October.

“I was so excited and did a lot of research to see how other bands had been photographed,” said Kendall. “I really wanted to make it professional.”

After her first shoot, Kendall said, she started working with children and families in her neighborhood. She also photographed a Girl Scouts Father-Daughter Dance and takes senior photos for high school students.

In April, Kendall did a photoshoot for a family friend’s daughter’s 12th birthday in New York City. Since then, she said, she has booked "numerous” family portrait jobs in the city.

Kendall LaManthia Photography photoshoots range from $50 to $200 an hour, and all photographs are shared with clients on Google Drive.

Kendall said interacting with clients and editing photos are what she loves most about professional photography.

“It is always fun to meet different people. I really love working with little kids and capturing their personality,” said Kendall, who shoots her photos with a Cannon EOS 70D and edits them with PicMonkey.

“I put a lot of time into editing my photos so my clients can love the end result as much as I do,” she said. “The power of editing can really change the focus and emotion of a photograph.”

Kendall enjoys photographing children the most, and said she is “good at getting their authentic personalities to show.”

“Most photographers might choose a different subject to photograph just because with kids, you definitely need patience,” she said. “Children can be troublesome sometimes, but the photographs you can get of them are worth so much more.”

Kendall said she is also very interested in psychology and has “always been infatuated with the human mind and why people do what they do.”

“I think having a love for psychology plays hand-in-hand with my love for photography — especially with children, because you usually have to get down on their level in order to figure them out to get a good photograph,” she said.

To learn more, visit facebook.com/kendall.lamantiaphotography.