The following real estate sales were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from April 5 through April 11.
105 Scarlet Oak Drive: Lucas S. and Daniele S. Rameaka to Thomas J. and Jennifer Leigh Doerner, $820,000.
25 Ridge Lane: John and Marlene Byington to Robert and Donna Cahill, $555,000.
Rev. Lot 5 Branch Brook Road: Randolph K. Byers, Jr., Trustee to Jon and Patricia Moynihan, $247,500, Trustee Deed.
25 Cardinal Lane: Gerard and Laura Frugone to Jacob and Margaret Johnson, $540,000.
12 Tall Trees Lane: Alfred and Jean Haynes to Nilson DeOliveria and Patricia Sosa-Macado, $490,000.
3 Roxbury Lane: Ashlar Historic Restoration, LLC to Brian T. and Kara T. Jacobi, $630,000.
103 Catalpa Road: Est. Rosemary Earle Middeleer to Brian and Ali Radle, $555,000. Executor’s Deed.
57 Old Farm Road: John P. and Annamarie M. Kealy to Rion and Shirley Latimore, $975,000.