Two new businesses on Route 7 coming soon

Jersey Mike's

Wilton may soon have another fast-food option on Danbury Road. Jersey Mike’s Subs, fittingly a subway sandwich shop based in New Jersey, has filed an application with the Wilton Planning & Zoning Commission to become the next tenant at 35-39 Danbury Road.

If its application is approved by the board, the chain restaurant would serve “fresh sliced, authentic Northeast Style Sub Sandwiches on fresh baked bread,” the company website says.

OSR, a small chain industry magazine, reported in September that Jersey Mike’s  — and its East Coast partner Paradigm Investment — intended to open a Wilton location in “late 2013.”

“Jersey Mike’s is the old-school deli I grew up with, offering a real Italian sub — the quality of the meat, the oil and red wine vinegar, the fresh-baked bread, and the friendly ‘Jersey’ personality behind the counter bring me back to the Northeast,” said Brian Kelley, managing partner of Paradigm.

As recently as Nov. 4, Jersey Mike’s Wilton location had job listings for “team member” and “assistant manager” positions posted on

The franchise’s 35-39 Danbury Road location would be near the Westy storage center.

URA the Spa

Four-forty-four Danbury Road has become quite the relaxing building in Wilton. URA the Spa will soon be offering a range of treatments in addition to Yogapata’s traditional yoga instruction.

The spa, which faces Route 7 just before the entrance to Cannondale, says, “To experience URA is to commit to whole body enrichment.”

The company says its philosophy is to “clean and heal through the art of massage and expert skin care, and allow the attraction to overwhelm the senses,” and to allow customers to “become one with your spiritual essence through the talent of our Reiki masters.”

In addition to massage therapy, the spa will offer reiki, a natural healing process by which energy is channeled from the therapist to the patient. It is a Japanese technique that aims to promote healing through unseen “life force energy,” according to

“If one’s ‘life force energy’ is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress,” the organization says, “and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.”

They will also provide cranialsacral therapy, chakra balancing, medical aesthetics, and a combination of other healing techniques.

The Spa will take over space once held by furniture specialist Eldred Wheeler.