Wilton residents voiced support during a public hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission Jan. 22 for an expansion plan by ASML, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making lithography equipment for the computer industry.

ASML is growing in Wilton and has applied to the commission for a special permit to build more space and parking. (See related story on page 14A.)

It will add several hundred more employees over the next couple of years, according to general manager Bill Amalfitano, who runs the development and manufacturing center.

ASML will accomodate that employee growth with the requested permission for 45,345 square feet of new building space, and an additional fourth level on its three-decker parking garage previously approved but never built at the facility.

Town resident Patricia Frisch spoke in favor of the plan.

“I support it, it’s a fine application well presented,” said Frisch, whose only concern was about clearing snow from the garage during the winter. She questioned whether it would be noisy. Company officials in the audience for the meeting assured her the snow clearing is in a grassy area that will not make a lot of noise during the morning hours of snowstorm days.

The fourth level of the parking garage will provide 170 new spaces, according to the plan on file with the town.

With the expansion, the total square footage of development would be 349,059 square feet of floor area.

“The proposed expansion will allow for an increase in the number of employees on site from the current 1,225 to a total of 1,525 employees. The facility operates three shifts. There is no change proposed to the existing site access,” the application on file reads.

Jackie Algon of the Conservation Commission wanted to know about the species of trees that will be planted at the campus, and attorney Casey Healey, who represents the company on this expansion, promised he would send her an outline of the landscaping plans.

The commissioners also appeared to be informally in support of ASML’s plan. They scheduled a site walk of the campus Saturday, Feb. 3, at 8 a.m.

The application will be taken up again at the next P&Z meeting, on Feb. 12.

The Wilton site is the home of both research and development, which hires engineers, and clean manufacturing, which hires technicians.