Senior discount survey will close in January

Businesses that already offer or are interested in offering a discount to senior citizens will have until mid-January to respond to a survey attempting to gauge interest in such a program. The survey will take less than five minutes and is available at

So far, more than 20 Wilton businesses and organizations have expressed interest in joining a senior discount program. The program would provide a comprehensive guide to discounts offered to senior residents, 65 and older, at participating Wilton-based organizations and businesses.

Participating businesses and organizations would be listed in an online Senior Discount Program brochure and senior residents would only need to show their ID to qualify for available discounts.

The brochure would list participating businesses and organizations and their associated discounts as well as provide information on discounted and free services provided by the town. While the brochure would primarily be an online resource, printed copies would also be made available at the Wilton Senior Center and other locations around town.

The program is intended to encourage seniors to shop locally. It has the support of the Board of Selectmen, the Wilton Economic Development Commission, and the Wilton Chamber of Commerce.  

Questions about the program may be directed to Sarah Heath, director of Wilton Social Services, at or Sarah Gioffre in the first selectwoman’s office at