Typography was just a matter of growing up for Lynda Campbell, a Wilton letterpress expert whose father was professionally obsessed with fonts, she told The Bulletin on Friday.

“He was always talking about typography,” she said, “and I assumed every parent did that with their children.”

Though Ms. Campbell’s career did not lead her into designing “big newspaper machine printers” like her father, she did find her own way to appreciate and spread the art of typography through a 500-year-old technique called letterpress.

The Wilton resident operates Saltbox Press, a company that specializes in custom-made letterpress prints — like wedding invitations and greeting cards.

“Letterpress is relief printing, meaning a raised image or type is inked and pressed into the paper,” Ms. Campbell said. Each word or image on the paper is slightly lower than the unpressed paper surrounding it, adding a special texture to the finished product.

Though Ms. Campbell estimates about 50% of her business comes from custom orders, another 50% comes from sales she makes at businesses throughout Wilton, including greeting cards for sale at the Village Market and the Wilton Historical Society, among others.

She uses only cotton paper whose weight is in excess of 100 pounds, ensuring her cards have a rich, soft feel to them.

Though custom pricing depends on colors, paper, design, and quantity, an average one-color wedding suite and response card could range from $7 to $10, Ms. Campbell said. Custom stationery is dependant on quantity; 25 pieces are $55, and 50 pieces are $90.

Information: saltboxpress.com.