It used to be potholders. Now it’s bracelets and such.

If you see youngsters with their heads bent over and their fingers flying, and they are not texting on their phones, chances are they are busy making bracelets and other items with their Rainbow Looms.

The plastic looms are rectangular with pegs sticking up at regular intervals. The kids use them, with colorful rubber bands about a half-inch in diameter, to make all sorts of things,

including long strands and little toys. A single-strand bracelet takes about 10 minutes to make, more complicated projects a little longer. The kids carry their looms and rubber bands in small plastic cases.

The fad is so popular here that Wilton Library initiated a Rainbow Loom club for children — the craze appeals to boys and girls from about second through sixth grade — that meets on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 5. Last Thursday, four Cider Mill students came to share their techniques and learn from one another.

“This is the latest trend,” Andrea Falkner, head of the children’s library, said. “Once one hears it’s really cool, they tell their friends. We bought a Rainbow Loom because we think it’s fun, too,” she said of the library.

Thursday’s meeting attracted Tina Pannani, 7, Cate Satrazemis, 8, Molly Snow, 8, and Ryan McElroy, 10.

Molly’s mother, Tara, said the craft became popular in the spring.

“It started with the kids wearing them,” Ms. Snow said. “Then they were carrying the cases around. They do them at play dates and recess.”

The rubber bands come in all colors, including tie-dye, glow-in-the-dark, and polka dots. A new pearl-textured band is available as well.

For the uninitiated, there are do-it-yourself videos on YouTube.

The library club will meet this afternoon, Dec. 12, and Friday, Dec. 13, as well as Dec. 19 and 20, from 4 to 5. For information, visit or call 203-762-3950.