Millstone Property Holdings, LLC’s application to create a regulatory change to Wilton’s zoning regulations has been withdrawn, according to Town Planner Bob Nerney.
Under the name “Millstone Property Holdings, LLC,” Millstone Farm owners Volckert and Eliane van Reesema were previously seeking to amend several sections of the zoning regulations to establish regulatory provisions for “agritourism” as a special permitted use in single-family residential districts and allow offices to a farm or riding stable as a permitted accessory use.
In a letter to “friends and supporters,” the Millstone Farm owners said they submitted the application after it was brought to their attention that some of the activities held on the farm “may not fall within existing zoning regulations.” The 70-acre property at 180 Millstone Road is in an R-2 residential zone.
Revisions to the proposed text amendment would have included several requirements for farms wishing to apply for agritourism. According to the applicant’s attorney, J. Casey Healy, a farm would have had to be at least 28 acres and have at least three years of operation as a farm. Under the revised proposed text amendment, an applicant would also be required to provide a management plan for agritourism.
During the public hearing some residents complained about loud, late-night weddings at the farm, excessive traffic and being “run off the road” by vehicles going to or from the farm. Residents also expressed concerns about opening the farm up to corporate events, weddings and overnight stays.
The Bulletin reached out to both the Millstone Farm owners and attorney Healy for comment but have not yet heard back., 203-842-2568