Geiger's wants to open Wilton office

A Westport landscape design firm called Geiger's Home + Garden wants to run an office and showcase gallery out of an adapted historic building at 444 Danbury Road. It also wants to keep vehicles there.

Managers at Geiger's wrote a letter to the Planning and Zoning Commission, asking to occupy the building without going before commissioners for their approval, because Blue Buffalo ran a similar operation there in the past.

Because the use of the building wouldn’t change, Geiger's people hoped to bypass Wilton’s land-use public hearing process.

But because the plan would involve expansion of the parking lot there, to accommodate the Geiger's fleet of pick-ups and dump trucks, Town Planner Bob Nerney recommended company officials submit an application.

“If the parking lot doesn’t get expanded, is the use subject to the commission’s approval?” asked the Geiger's general manager, who attended the April 11 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“It strikes me that the use of the interior of the barn is fine, but if it’s all contingent on outside storage, my recommendation would be to wait,” Nerney replied.

The general manager said he doesn’t want to miss out on the current building season, so Nerney said Geiger's could seek a zoning permit instead of filing an application, and move into the space without expanding the formal parking area.

If Geiger's wants the lot expanded, however, it will have to come back and file an application.