Fieber proposes scaled-down request for 183 Ridgefield Road

On the day of a public hearing to amend zoning regulations on age-restricted housing — requested by those who wish to remove Ridgefield Road from the overlay zoning district — a plan for 16 age-restricted units proposed for 183 Ridgefield Road was presented to town planner Bob Nerney.

J. Casey Healy, an attorney with Gregory & Adams, sent the letter on Monday, May 8, indicating that in addition to 16 homes to be built on the 13.4-acre property, the three-acre meadow in front of the property along Ridgefield Road would be preserved under a conservation restriction.

This plan contains fewer than half the 35 units proposed in March when the developer, James Fieber, sought an extension of the town sewer to serve the property.

According to Healy’s letter, the homes would be situated in the middle and rear of the property. Their location, and proposed new buffer plantings, would shield the homes from view along Ridgefield Road, he said. In addition to the 16 homes, the rendering also shows a separate single-family building lot.

A public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission is planned for June 12 to consider the developer’s request to change 183 Ridgefield Road’s R-2A zone to the age-restricted district.

Last November, the commission amended the town’s zoning regulations to allow for age-restricted housing in certain areas. The commission created an overlay district — known as the age-restricted overlay district or AROD — that could apply to one-acre (R1A) and two-acre (R-A) residential zones on Ridgefield Road, Danbury Road, or Westport Road.

Under the amended regulations, developments in those areas would be restricted to lots of no less than three acres and no more than 25 acres. Up to three units per acre could be allowed. A developer would have to:

  • Request the zone change;

  • Request a special permit;

  • Submit a site plan.

Public hearings will allow public input.

Age-restricted housing could also be allowed in multi-family residential districts: DRD (Design Residence District), THRD (Townhouse Residence District), CRA-10 (Center Residence Apartment District), and MFA/AHD (Multi-Family All/Affordable Housing District).