February is 'Restaurant Month' in Georgetown

Just about every restaurant in Georgetown will take part in the hamlet’s Restaurant Month in February, offering $25 prix fixe menus and the chance to earn buy-one get-one coupons at each place.

The event will run from Monday, Feb. 1 to Monday, Feb. 29 on Monday through Thursday, and will feature:

  • Lombardi’s Trattoria

  • Aranci 67

  • Rancho Allegre

  • The Georgetown Saloon

  • The Wire Mill

  • The Black Cat Grille

The owner of Lombardi’s Trattoria, Frank Lombardi, said February is usually a difficult time for restaurants, which makes it great for a restaurant month.

“Traditionally due to taxes, people paying their bills, and the weather, it’s just one of those months. It's gloomy,” he said. “It’s a slow month for all businesses…”

“… Except for a ski business when there’s snow,” added Bonnie Troy, a manager at Lombardi’s who thought up the idea.

“Everybody was on board, so why not?” she said. “This will generate business from people who wouldn’t have tried our food before.”

The event should also be viewed from a local business perspective, she said, as none of the eateries in Georgetown are chains.

“I’m a local girl, and I have two other businesses. I think that supporting small businesses is really huge,” said Troy. “Being in the restaurant business forever, this seemed like a logical thing to do for all of our restaurants, and our customers.”

Buy-one get-one deal

In short, anyone who visits four of the six Georgetown restaurants during Restaurant Month — and has the event’s special punch card validated at each — will be given a buy-one get-one coupon for every restaurant included in the event.

“The end game is our customers get a bunch of buy-one get-one coupons,” Troy said. “Its really a win-win for everyone. The restaurants are featuring their menus, and we’re giving our customers a nice little perk at the end of it.”