Bella and Co. expands positive vibes to new storefront

In the beginning of June, Bella and Co. Jewelry will be expanding into a new, two-floor space in historic Cannondale Village, where it currently resides.

Though owner Isabelle Bell acknowledges that 2009 “might not have been the best time to open a business,” she has had a great run of success in the past few years. In tune with that fact, Ms. Bell’s boutique shop will expand into a larger building just across the street from her current location, which opened in 2010.

“In the past three years I have had a lot of success in Cannondale,” she said. “I can feel that it’s time to move and expand the store.”

With the Norwalk River Valley Trail slated to come through the area, and the Cannondale train station parking finally filling up again, Ms. Bell said there isn’t a better time to be a store owner in the area.

“This area is such a great piece of ‘typical Connecticut,’” Ms. Bell said. “In its hey-day, a lot of people came in here for a day. They hung out for a while, and came back somewhere down the line.”

That kind of atmosphere is what Ms. Bell hopes she is promoting with her new expansion.

“My vision is to diversify the area,” she said.

On the second floor of the new shop she hopes to allow room for book talks, author appearances, and art galleries. She’s even interested in pop-up shops, where boutique and seasonal shops are granted short-term leases to sell goods in an unoccupied storefront.

Ms. Bell has long had an understanding of keeping up a shop. When she was younger she’d spend days hanging out in her mother’s own small shop. During her 15 years in the Army Reserve, she learned the standards of procurement, and the essential discipline needed to run a business.

Though Army Reserve and a jewelry store don’t often go hand in hand, Ms. Bell said, her “odd mix” of experiences seemed to fit right into starting a small business.

She said her store is emblematic of her own personal experiences, with her time in Southeast Asia being especially influential. From the Buddha statues sitting in the shop’s garden to the Muse Energy necklaces that she “can’t seem to carry enough of,” she hopes her store represents “love, kindness and helping your neighbor.”

Local writer and spiritual healer Anna Raimondi’s books are featured in the store, as are Tokens & Icons jewelry — her most successful men’s product. Each Token & Icon piece is designed using a piece of sports memorabilia — like cuff links made from a real NBA basketball or Yankees baseball.

Information: or 203-529-3110.