Alper publishes news edition of book

Al Alper, CEO of Absolute Logic, has announced the publication of his second edition of Revealed! The Secrets to Protecting Yourself from Cyber-Criminals.

This edition, which will soon be available on, is an updated version of the 2016 edition with the same name.

“A lot has happened in a year, unfortunately,” said Alper, who noted that the newest edition contains valuable updates on the latest cyber threats. “We are committed to providing the most current information available, because the cyber criminals are very cunning and always looking for new ways to wreak havoc.”

Revealed!  The Secrets to Protecting Yourself from Cyber-Criminals is a plainspoken, no-nonsense business owner’s guide to protecting business owners and their businesses from the dark side of the Internet.  Alper said that his inspiration for the book grew out of his business experience.

“We receive so many inquiries from businesses that have fallen victim to phishing, malware, ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks and are looking for remedies and protection,” he said. “In our business, we provide these services to businesses. However, there is such a widespread need that we wanted to put this information out on a wider scale.” He added, “We always prefer to prevent problems from happening for a business owner and his/her customers as opposed to having to fix them when they occur.”

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