The Planning and Zoning Commission on Jan. 8 closed the public hearing on a proposal for a five-story parking garage on the site of what is now a parking lot serving a commercial development that is mostly in Norwalk.

The hearing had been continued from late last year, and drew no opposition from the public.

Members of the commission had no serious issues with the plan, and it will  come up for a vote at the next meeting, most likely based on a resolution of approval that zoning staff will prepare. The commission’s next meeting is Monday, Jan. 22.

The idea behind the parking garage is to serve the patients who visit the medical offices that are part of the commercial development. The garage would be next to that building, so patients would not have to walk far, as they do now from points in the parking lot.

“We’re going on the basis of the patients being closer to the entrance of the building,” said Casey Healy, attorney for the applicant.

The commercial development at 1 Cannondale Way includes Cannondale Bicycle, a medical building leased by Norwalk Hospital, and an L.A. Fitness gym.

The proposed garage would hold spaces for 407 cars on five levels, including the ground level, according to the plans by iPark Norwalk LLC, on file with the Planning and Zoning Department.

The garage would eliminate 2,100 square feet of parking spaces that already exist. The footprint of the parking area would not change, according to the plan. The garage would be included as part of the total 10.67-acre development site.

The property is zoned as Design Enterprise 5 District, according to the Planning and Zoning administrators, who wrote in their report on the proposal that it fits within the scope of the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development. It is considered a permitted accessory. The application technically is for a special permit.

The property owner will mothball 322 parking spaces in the lot to compensate for the spaces to be built at the garage. Bollards will be installed to block off the spaces at the far end of the lot. Roughly half of those spaces are in Norwalk and half are in Wilton.