Young people, travelers lead Wilton coronavirus spike

WILTON —The latest spike of coronavirus cases in Wilton is not coming from seniors or group facilities, but from younger people and travelers, according to First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice.

In a message on the town’s website, she said since Phase 1 and Phase 2 reopenings, Wilton COVID-19 cases have included:

 A larger share of younger residents.

 Travel to more than one of the states impacted by Connecticut’s quarantine.

 Team sport activity.

“New cases are not fueled by our nursing or assisted-living facilities. The incidence of cases at those facilities is decreasing,” she said.

There were four new cases of the coronavirus reported on July 12 in Wilton, according to a report from the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

This brings the town’s total to 230 cases, 23 additional since June 16 and 30 more since May 19.

There have been 41 reported deaths in Wilton, no change since June 16, and four additional since May 19.

“Our growth rate for cases during Phase 2 is not where we want to be as we look towards school starting next month,” said Vandererslice.

She noted that Wilton is trending the opposite of the state and some other towns in Fairfield County.

“During the height of the pandemic, Wilton’s case-per-person rate lagged our neighboring communities. Now, we lead our non-urban neighbors with a rate of 1 case for every 81 residents,” she said.

COVID-19 cases per resident in Fairfield County towns:

Stamford, 1 in 39

Norwalk, 1 in 42

Wilton, 1 in 81

Westport, 1 in 89

Darien, 1 in 100

Ridgefield, 1 in 109

New Canaan, 1 in 108

Weston, 1 in 152

Town officials in New Canaan and Westport said a number of their new cases have been traced to residents returning from vacations in states where there are high rates of COVID-19 infections.

The exact number of new Wilton coronavirus cases resulting from residents traveling to other states is not known as Wilton Health Director Barry Bogle is keeping coronavirus reports confidential and is not releasing that information, according to Vanderslice.

Out-of-state travelers are supposed to voluntarily self-isolate upon return to Connecticut. However, self-isolating has been on the “honor system” up until now and doesn’t appear to be taken seriously.

But that may change.

Gov. Ned Lamont is stepping up enforcement, including potential fines, for travelers to Connecticut who are not adhering to quarantine plans.

During his daily briefing on Monday, July 13, Lamont said travelers will be asked to fill out a self-certification form when they land at Connecticut airports that will include questions about where they are coming from and what their plans are for quarantining, as well as a request for contact information. It’s possible, he said, that a state police officer will be on site to remind people how important adherence to the quarantine is for Connecticut.

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Kaitlyn Krasselt contributed to this story.