Wolfpit Road work finishes early

According to Eversource spokesman Mitch Gross, the installation of a natural gas pipeline on Wolfpit Road is complete, done early by about one week.
“Once temperatures drop,” he said, “our folks will be back to do landscaping along the road. We’ll be fixing up some of the properties that we had to dig up to install the line.”
They have already finished repairing curbs that were damaged during the installation process.
The state will come to repave the road some time in September, Gross said.
“We have 10 new residential customers on Wolfpit Road,” he added.
Gross said there was no negative outcome from the gas leak on Aug. 4. other than the delay in traffic.
The leak occurred when a gas main was struck during construction. He said the leak was minimal and the crew handled the situation well.
Eversource gas lines were being installed in Wilton Center last week, the week of the 10th, up until Tuesday, Aug. 19, in the area of Old Ridgefield Road and Hubbard Road, to deliver gas service to the Wilton Arms apartments.