Wiltonian wins ‘Best Reviewer’ award from ad journal

A Wilton man was recently named best practitioner reviewer in 2018 for his work and dedication.

The Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) honored Mike Hess with the 2018 Best Practitioner Reviewer honor on April 15. The award goes to those who have made contributions to the quality of peer-reviewed papers by providing in-depth, constructive reviews in a consistently timely manner.

Hess said JAR is a journal published by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). The journal publishes six to eight academic articles about advertising and marketing each month. Hess has even published his own articles in JAR.

“For the last couple of years I’ve been asked to serve on the editorial review board,” he said.

As a reviewer, his comments and input on various articles come from his years of experience in the advertising business. Hess looks at the practical side of the article. His 40-year career in advertising and marketing gives him a firsthand experience to pull from. Using this experience he looks at real-world applications proposed in articles.

“I look at the implications for actual usage,” he said.

Despite being unaware of the award, he said the work was something he already loved. Reviewing the academic articles allowed him to learn about the potential future for the advertising industry.

“I also felt it was another way for me to contribute to the industry,” Hess said.

As he reviews articles he strives to make them better in any way before being published. This could range from correcting small spelling errors to pulling from his years of experience to give advice.

“It’s really a behind-the-scenes job,” Hess said. “It’s not my name that’s on the paper.”

Hess said he found out about the award for the first time two months ago when he was first notified he won. He said he was happy to be recognized by his peers.

“It’s a nice recognition,” he said. “It’s nice to be recognized for doing something that in this case I like doing anyway.”

The business has provided a double-benefit opportunity, he said.

“I get to use my experience to help,” Hess said. “It also allows me to keep my foot in the water about what’s the most edgy and most state-of-the-art stuff. That’s what gets published in the paper.”