Wilton wreaths are a backyard buffet

WILTON — Some natural recycling took place at Woodcock Nature Center on Friday, Jan. 3, when leftover Christmas wreaths were turned into “Wreaths for Wildlife.”

Families visited the nature center on Deer Run Road for one of two afternoon sessions when they attached a variety of food and nesting materials to balsam wreaths that they could then hang in their backyards for the benefit of birds, squirrels and other wild critters.

Natural, animal-friendly materials such as dried apple and orange slices, cereal, pine cones, bird seed and peanut butter were the building blocks for the wreaths. Vegetable shortening and peanut butter acted as glue to stick seeds to pine cones. Garlands of dried fruit were tied on the balsam wreaths.

The finished products were as much works of art as well as a backyard buffet.