Wilton voter turnout is almost 70% halfway through Election Day

WILTON — It appears Wilton, which has a tradition of high voter turnout for presidential elections, will continue in that vein as nearly 70 percent of the town’s registered voters had cast ballots as of noon on Election Day.

That includes 4,252 ballots cast in person Tuesday morning and 4,984 absentee ballots that had been returned by the end of the day Nov. 2. Ballots deposited in the drop box were still being sorted on Tuesday morning. The town clerk’s office mailed out 5,588 absentee ballots.

A recent tally by the registrars of voters showed Wilton had 13,220 registered voters — 4,337 Democrats, 3,771 Republicans, 4,963 unaffiliated, and 149 minor party registrations. Registrar Karen Birck said Tuesday her office was receiving some same-day registrations.

She said no difficulties at the polls had been reported.

“People inside are well-behaved and the political tables (outside) are well separated but polite,” she said.

A few people were reportedly disappointed they did not receive the “I Voted” stickers Wilton graphic artist Pamela Hovland created to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920 granting women the right to vote. The secretary of the state’s office had 2 million of the stickers printed and sent to the registrars of voters offices in each of the state’s 169 cities and towns.

They were not, however, being given out in the town where they were created.

More Information

The Bulletin went to press before all the Election Day counting was done. For results on all the races, visit wiltonbulletin.com.

“We asked for them to be distributed, but the health director told us not to distribute them because they were an additional touch point, and given rising COVID cases, he wanted as few touch points as possible,” Birck said.

In 2016, Wilton voters overwhelmingly endorsed the Democratic ticket of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. who received 6,055 votes. Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 3,783 votes. There were 550 votes cast for other candidates.