WILTON — If you would like to lend a hand, or even just an ear, to someone in need during the coronavirus pandemic, Peg Koellmer wants to hear from you.

Koellmer is chair of Wilton Helping Hands, a volunteer network which is working in coordination with the town of Wilton and Wilton Social Services to address the needs of the town’s most vulnerable population.

“Our biggest need right now is getting volunteers who would be willing to make phone calls to older Wilton residents. Many seniors are very lonely. They live in housing complexes for socialization and are unable to do so at this time,” Koellmer said.

Koellmer matches up seniors and other participants in the network, with a volunteer “friend.”

In some cases, the person may just want to chat over the phone or communicate by email. Or they may need some groceries or prescriptions picked up and delivered to them. The network is respecting social distancing, and items can be dropped off on doorsteps.

Koellmer will match volunteer “friends” with an appropriate person to help based on their mutual interests and needs.

“There is a very quick turnaround on shopping/prescription deliveries,” Koellmer said. If someone needs something today, they will get it today,” she said.

The Helping Hands service is free for all participants.

If you need assistance or would like to volunteer for the program, call Koellmer at 203-451-8479.

“We have things under control right now, so we just have to wait and see,” she said.