WILTON — A man who works with Wilton High School students at a tutoring business is concerned he may have COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, but claims he’s been turned away from getting tested.

The 28-year-old Fairfield man said he developed a cough on March 8 and later developed a fever of 100.3 and shortness of breath. Not having a regular doctor to call seeking advice — and concerned about the fact the first Connecticut person to test presumptive positive is from Wilton — he tried to get tested.

“Over the last couple of weeks, several of my students have had coughs, or other flu-like symptoms as is common for kids this time of year,” he said. He said he has not been out of the country and he took normal precautions like washing his hands and not touching his face, but in light of recent events he became concerned.

On Monday, he began working from home and on Friday morning he said he had an appointment for drive-thru testing at Murphy Medical Associates in Stratford. The practice has been doing the tests at its offices in Greenwich, Stamford and Stratford beginning on Tuesday. Its website is still allowing people to register for the tests. A call to the office seeking comment was not returned.

When the man arrived, he claimed there was no testing in the parking lot, so he put on his respirator mask and went to the door.

What he found, he said, were numerous signs on the door that said “No testing for COVID-19 is done in this building. Do not enter this building if you are here for COVID-19 testing.”

He alleged two men saw him, drove up to him, and told him the building owners would not allow testing to be done on the property. They advised him, he said, to go to the Greenwich office, where testing also is not allowed.

The man said he plans to reaching out to a health department for further guidance. He said he is not so concerned about himself since he is young and generally healthy, but he is concerned about others.

“It’s tragic. People are going to die because they (building owners) are selfish. What about everyone else people interact with before they self-quarantine?”