Wilton track and field reopen this weekend, tennis expands

WILTON — Following the reopening of the town’s tennis courts last weekend, the popular track and Fujitani Field at Wilton high School will also open on a limited basis beginning Saturday, May 16. Among the restrictions are Wilton family use only and a reservations requirement.

The tennis courts will also see an expansion in allowed use.

The track and field guidelines will enforce social distancing:

 Use is limited to Wilton families and may not to exceed five people per designated area. Use is for free play only. No team practices or private lessons will be allowed.

 Use of the field is divided into the north and south ends from the 40-yard line to the end of the field. No play is permitted mid-field between the north 40-yard line and the south 40-yard line. No goals will be provided or allowed.

 Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. No bicycles or scooters will be allowed.

 Residents may reserve the track or half of the field for one hour each day.

 Track and field use is by reservation only with no walk-ups allowed. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance through the Wilton Parks and Recreation website. Those unable to access the website may email Kregg Zulkeski at kregg.zulkeski@wiltonct.org.

A field monitor will be available to respond to questions or concerns.

The stadium stands and fitness area and all other Wilton fields remain closed to the public at this time. Access to other fields will be rolled out in phases, each with specific protocols, a press release from the town says. It also says usage of the track and field may be adjusted for changing circumstances after opening.

Those who show any symptoms of the coronavirus such as fever or difficulty breathing and those who have been in contact within the past 14 days with someone who has the illness should not use the facilities. Vulnerable individuals are also advised to refrain from using the facilities.

“The cooperation of those using the facilities is important to keep the community safe and to lay the groundwork for continued facility openings,” the release says.


The tennis courts, which opened Saturday for singles play only, will see a relaxation in guidelines. Singles play by family and non-family members as well as family-only doubles play will now be allowed on selected courts.

Courts are open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Play is for 45 minutes with 15 minutes allowed for player entry and exit. Players may find the updated tennis court rules for play on the town website at wiltonct.org and at the courts.

For information, call Director of Parks and Recreation Steve Pierce at 203-834-6234 or steve.pierce@wiltonct.org.