WILTON — Teachers stood on the wall in front of Community Nursery School in Wilton Center and waved as parents drove by with their young children — students at the school — to wave hello.

The teachers — director Leigh Heffernan, Amy Gubner, Mandy Dugan, Eleanor Arnold, Kristen Burke and Sue Donato — waved, called out “we miss you” and held up a sign that said “We [heart] you.”

Children drove by, some dressed in costume, some in decorated cars, and waved back. Some smiled, some looked wistful. Parents waved and some waved at other parents going the other way.

“It’s so hard to teach preschool virtually,” Heffernan said, explaining how the brief but joyful drive-by came about. “It’s fun for the children to see us in person.”

Teachers have been communicating with their young charges via Zoom to read stories and play games.

Parents, she said, “were over-the-moon thrilled” with the concept of the drive-by she said. “It was very well received.”

The school year is officially over June 3 and the fall start date is Sept. 2 or 3, but it’s too early to tell just what will happen then, Heffernan said.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed,” she said.