Wilton to impose fines for going on closed fields

WILTON — Because people are still gathering at ballfields and playgrounds in Wilton which have been closed in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the town is planning on issuing fines.

In a message to the town on April 6, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice said she is planning to issue an executive order that would allow police to issue a $92 trespassing fine to each individual using a closed field or recreation facility.

“The Wilton Police Department prides itself on and has been recognized statewide for its community policing and its relationship with the community. This is something they and I wish was not required,” she said.

She said residents were continuing to use the fields and high school track despite signs, barriers and police tape telling them the fields were closed. “One resident was discovered climbing up the tennis court fencing. It is not a pleasant task to ask these residents to leave. I know from my own firsthand experience.”

Vanderslice also asked residents to refrain from picking up litter while they are going on walks.

“Health Director Barry Bogle advises that now is not the time to be picking up other people’s discarded trash. The safer alternative is to wait. In a normal year, we would be holding our Annual Townwide Cleanup at the end of April. This year, we hope to be able to hold the event in the late fall and invite you all to join us,” she said.