Wilton talk advises business owners to become trusted advisers

A top business professional will offer tips on how to engage more effectively with an audience at a talk on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 6 p.m. at Wilton Library.

The talk, “How to Become a Trusted Adviser in Your Business to Grow and Sustain Your Business,” will be led by business influence strategist and author Christopher Salem of Danbury.

Salem says a key to business success is becoming a “trusted adviser,” someone who inspires employees as well as customers.

“This starts from the inside out, building your level of influence by shifting from a fixed to growth mindset and adopting a process to scale your business through mastering the art of influence,” he said.

The first step to becoming a trusted adviser, he said, is to formulate a value statement or proposition. “You should assess your own values and principles. Then, find alignment with your business and then your core audience,” he said.

He recommends business owners build their businesses based on their values and principles. “If you are doing something for all the wrong reasons to make money, it won’t last. I once did things that went against my values and it backfired on me,” he said.

When a person firmly understands what their values and principles are, he said, everything they do will resemble them in some way. “You connect with that at some subconscious level. It’s not what you do, it’s what you represent,” he said.

At the talk in Wilton, Salem will give tips and advice to business owners that he says will help them not only in their business but in their personal lives as well.

Because business owners work with both customers and workers they have to set an example, and project what they stand for, rather than simply focusing on selling a product or service, Salem explained.

“Being a trusted adviser, the business owner can create a more interdependent working environment, and be an influencer as well. People want to work with someone who has values they admire,” he said.

In spreading values and principles, Salem advises people to look at their strengths. “If you are a good speaker, speak more. If you are good with video, provide more video content. It’s all about subliminally aligning your values with your audience,” he said.

Salem created a motto that he follows in his business and his personal life, “Give without expectation, receive without resistance.”

He says the key is not to focus on an outcome that is tied to expectations. “I don’t live my life based on expectations,” he said.

The talk will be held at Wilton Library, 137 Old Ridgefield Road. It is sponsored by SCORE, the Wilton Chamber of Commerce, Wilton Library and The Wilton Bulletin.