Wilton High school senior Dylan Pojano has been sworn in as Connecticut Society President of the Children of the American Revolution.
Pojano was inducted on April 14 at the organization’s national convention in Arlington, Va. Children of the American Revolution (CAR)’s mission is to encourage children to participate in volunteer and service projects, learn about American history and patriotic values, and engage in fundraising for veterans and children’s charities. Dylan has been a member of the Children of the American Revolution for 10 years. Prior to being elected, he served in many local and state positions.
Dylan’s state project is called “Heartsome Harmony.” Partnering with Horns for Kids, the Connecticut Society CAR is raising money and soliciting donations of musical instruments to give to children who would otherwise be unable to afford to play.
Dylan plays the tuba with the Wilton High School band and serves as the section leader. It was his goal to bring his love of playing to other children in Connecticut.
Since his induction on April 14, Dylan has already been a speaker at the Patriot’s Day Celebration in New Milford and at a CAR event in Brooklyn, Conn.