By popular demand, the Board of Education voted unanimously to cancel spring recess next month.

With an ancillary goal of having school end on June 10, schools will remain open virtually the week of April 13-17, though the Good Friday holiday on April 10 will remain in place.

“We surveyed both faculty, staff and parents,” Kevin Smith, superintendent of schools, said, with more than 4,000 responses in all.

“Eighty-three percent elected to cancel spring break and end school early,” he said, with June 15 previously scheduled as the last day of school for the 2019-20 calendar year.

“I agree with that 83 percent,” said board member Mandy Schmauch. “I think that’s a great idea.”

“I fear that if we have spring break, they’ll be out looking for things to do,” she said, with online school at least affording a worthwhile reason to keep students engaged.

Students will still be returning to school next year on Tuesday, Aug. 25, however. Smith noted that the calendar for the 2020-21 school year had already been approved and was not subject to change without a more detailed examination.

He said, however, “In this climate who knows what’s going to happen, honestly.”

“I was also in favor of canceling spring break,” said board member Gretchen Jeanes.

“I think for people who need to, we should make adjustments for the Good Friday (holiday),” she said, “but I think most people are staying home.”

“I am certainly supportive of doing what the majority here clearly, clearly wants,” said Chair Deborah Low, noting that the extent of absences for students could still be a variable as-yet-undetermined in the given climate.

She and others made note of being sensitive to maintaining some semblance of anonymity for those students who may be unable to meet their academic requirements due to illness.

Otherwise, board members said, at this time the rest of the schedule will remain intact.

“We’ll still, of course, keep Memorial Day,” Low said.