Wilton speaker promotes resilience in children

Donna Volpitta, Ed.D., will visit Wilton Library on Nov. 13.

Donna Volpitta, Ed.D., will visit Wilton Library on Nov. 13.

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Donna Volpitta, Ed.D., a resilience educator and the founder of the Center for Resilient Leadership, will visit Wilton on Wednesday, Nov. 13, to discuss how a child’s brain responds to challenges. There will be two opportunities to hear her speak at Wilton Library, 137 Old Ridgefield Road, at 10 a.m. or 7 p.m.

She will also provide tools to help parents raise emotionally healthy, resilient kids, guiding them to make better, more mindful and informed choices.

Through her Resilient Mindset Model, Volpitta identifies four “characters” of the brain that focus on:

 Long-term decisions (cortex/frontal lobe).

 Short-term decisions (limbic system).

 Threat identification (amygdala).

 Mindfulness and self- and situational awareness (prefrontal cortex).

“Dr. Volpitta takes a complicated subject — the science of how our brains work — and makes it really accessible,” Genevieve Eason of Wilton Youth Council said. “She helps the audience understand what happens in our brains, and in our kids’ brains, in different situations, like when we are stressed or when we play.

“She also explains how teens’ developing brains are affected by substances like marijuana. Then she shares strategies so we can use that knowledge to turn challenges into opportunities to build resilience.”

With anxiety, depression and other mental health issues identified as being of concern among young people, Volpitta advocates for resilience. She believes many of these problems can be prevented and that understanding how the brain works is the “foundation for understanding how to prevent mental health problems for our kids.”

This free event is for parents with children of all ages and for students in middle school and up. Registration is recommended at www.wiltonlibrary.org/events or by calling 203-762-6334.

Questions may be directed to Eason at geason@wiltonyouth.org.

The program is sponsored by Wilton Youth Council, SPED*NET Wilton, Wilton Kiwanis, Wilton Library and Wilton Youth Services.