Stay at Home in Wilton has proved its members are hip to digital technology. The 10-year-old organization has launched the first in a series of podcasts called “The Story Next Door,” where two generations are brought together in one conversation.

With 20 percent of the town’s population over 65, Stay at Home in Wilton offers seniors supportive services and resources, along with social and educational programs that unite its members and enhance their efforts to remain independent, active, and connected.

Nationwide, there are more people over 60 than under 18. According to Stay at Home in Wilton, these numbers mean it is important to address the needs of the town’s elders and elevate their voices.

The organization believes that keeping elders engaged is vital and that conversations between the generations will benefit everyone and strengthen and connect the community. Through this podcast, Stay at Home hopes to spearhead the effort to achieve this goal.

Recently, Dick King, an eight-year board member, 10-year volunteer, and a member of the organization’s advisory committee sat down to chat with Connor Allen, a Wilton High School junior. Their conversation ranged from what it was like to grow up on a farm in Michigan versus suburban Wilton, how technology and mobility have changed their lifestyles, and how differently people of varying ages get the news.

As a long-time volunteer driver for Stay at Home in Wilton, King said, “We do more than drive people to where they need to go,” referencing conversations that led to a pop-up birthday party for someone who had thought no one cared, and in another instance to a handrail that was built for someone who recently had knee surgery.

When the conversation ended, King said, “I admire young people… our country is in good hands, and I am proud of what the youth can do and how capable they are at a young age.”

After learning about Stay at Home in Wilton through this conversation with King, Connor concluded: “Building connections in the community and working together is what to strive for.”

When asked his favorite quote, Connor cited King’s remark, “Once I asked a passenger, how is Stay at Home in Wilton doing for you? and she replied, ‘Oh my goodness, I get down on my knees every night and say thank God for Stay at Home in Wilton,’ those kinds of things really enrich your life as a volunteer.”

To listen to the entire podcast and learn more about Stay at Home in Wilton and its goal to support a vibrant senior community, visit the newly designed website