Wilton seminar teaches how to thwart ‘time thieves’

How can small business owners get more done in both their work and home lives? That question will be answered at a free seminar called, “How You Can Get A 26-hour Day For Real,” at Wilton Library on Wednesday, Aug. 14, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Certified executive coach Don Wetmore will lead the seminar. He is the author of eight books including “Beat the Clock,” “Organizing Your Life,” and “The Productivity Handbook.”

“Business owners are often bombarded by stress and at the end of the day are flat-out tired. I’ll be sharing tools and techniques to help them gain more productivity in their lives, giving them the equivalent of a 26-hour day,” Wetmore told the Bulletin.

One of the key problems business people face during the day, is what Wetmore calls “time thieves,” interrupters that distract people from their task at hand.

Some notable time thieves are drop-in visitors, telephones, e-mails, unscheduled meetings, poor communications and confused chain of authority.

Social media has become a big time thief, he said, because it takes away a person’s focus. “You don’t want to eliminate social media, it’s all a matter of degree,” he said.

Many people intend to spend about five minutes a day just checking Twitter and other social media sites, he said. But in addition to those five minutes, studies show their minds are engaged before and afterwards and they find they’ve lost as much as a half-hour of productivity on social media, he said.

Another time thief, he said, is procrastination. When tasks pile up, business owners can run into a time crunch later. “People don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan,” Wetmore said.

At the seminar, Wetmore will review these time thieves and others and offer tips on how to handle them.

Speaking of time, Wetmore said the time spent at his seminar at Wilton Library on Aug. 14 is a worthwhile investment. “Give me two hours of your time and I will get you 10 hours over the next week by applying my techniques. It’s an investment in yourself, not an expense,” he said.

To attend the seminar, register online at fairfieldcounty.score.org or call SCORE at 203-831-0065 with any questions. Check-in begins at 5:30 p.m. Co-sponsored by Fairfield County SCORE, Wilton Library and the Wilton Chamber of Commerce. Media sponsor: The Wilton Bulletin. Registration is required.