WILTON — The state’s latest data on unemployment shows the town’s jobless rate dipped to 6 percent in August.

The rate dropped from 7.9 percent in July, however, a message on the state website for labor market data says issues with the collection of household-based labor force information has caused unemployment to be underestimated.

“Connecticut’s official unemployment rate for August … continues to be impacted by collection and classification challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” the message says.

The August numbers were updated on Sept. 21 and show Wilton’s labor force to number 8,000, with 478 unemployed for an unemployment rate of 6 percent.

For July, the state reported Wilton’s workforce as 8,246, with 649 people unemployed for an unemployment rate of 7.9 percent. That was closer to figures reported pre-pandemic.

The unemployment numbers for January show a labor force of 8,476, with 313 people out of work for an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent. That held steady for February, and then the rate dropped to 2.7 percent in March, before the effect of the coronavirus pandemic was felt.

Jobless claims

The number of continuing jobless claims reported by the state also does not correlate as well in August as it did in July. However, the numbers are showing a steady decline:

July 25 — 625.

Aug. 1 — 587.

Aug. 8 — 577.

Aug. 15 — 555.

Aug. 22 — 535.

Aug. 29 — 516.

There were 10 initial jobless claims for Wilton as of Aug. 23.