Wilton residents rally in Washington

A number of Wilton residents were among the hundreds of thousands of Americans who took part in the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21.

One of those Wiltonians was Joy Eller, who organized a bus to the nation’s capital for 24 women — most of whom were from Wilton.

“It was an amazing, awe-inspiring and inspirational experience,” she said. “It was like nothing you could imagine.”

Eller said the experience has motivated her, as well as the people she met in the sea of pink hats that enveloped downtown Washington, D.C., to “make a difference now more than ever.”

About half a million people are estimated to have marched on Washington last weekend.

Combined with sister rallies across the country — including ones in Stamford and Hartford — millions of women, men and children rallied that day to support the protection of the rights, safety and health of all people.

At a sister rally outside the Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford that day, Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a proclamation declaring Jan. 21, 2017, to be Women’s March on Washington Day in Connecticut.