Wilton repeat offender claims COVID-19 infection

Jonathan Damast

Jonathan Damast

Contributed photo / Wilton Police Department

Police made two visits to the Wilton Acres neighborhood for a man claiming to be ill. They arrived at 9 Wilton Acres at 7:15 p.m. on April 27 for a report of a man who was vomiting and saying “he thought he was going to die.” Police say Jonathan Damast, 44, greeted them by charging at them from his doorway.

Police said the previous night they found Damast sitting in the middle of Danbury Road. At that time, police said, he told officers he was infected with COVID-19.

During their encounter on April 27, police said Damast resisted officers by trying to get up and go to the ambulance before it was parked and refusing orders to remain seated. According to the report, as Damast became combative police handcuffed him and arrested him for interfering with an officer. He was issued a misdemeanor summons and is due in Norwalk Superior Court on June 30. He was released on a promise to appear. Damast was taken to Norwalk Hospital.

This was not Damast’s first arrest for interfering with an officer. He pled guilty to the same charge in 2017.

He also has numerous cases pending in Norwalk Superior Court including charges for third-degree burglary, a felony; second-degree threatening, a misdemeanor; violation of a protective order, a felony; third-degree assault, a misdemeanor; as well as several charges of criminal trespass and breach of peace.