Wilton race for first selectmen - three take up the challenge

There are three candidates running for first selectman in Wilton: Republican incumbent Lynne Vanderslice, Democratic challenger Deborah McFadden, and petitioning candidate Michael Powers, who is also a Republican.

In feature stories published in this week’s Bulletin, Vanderslice pointed to the work her administration has done to stengthen the town’s financial footing, adding she would continue to work to reduce town costs while maintaining quality services.

McFadden, who unsuccessfully challenged Vanderslice in 2015, said Wilton needs to build it’s brand as a safe family-friendly community and focus on economic development to to grow the tax base. This would include diversifying housing in appropriate locations.

Powers said he is a lifelong Republican who believes deeply in a minimal tax burden on individuals and businesses, economic growth, education, transparent government and government accountability. His vision includes “lowering the mil rate, spending sensibly and fostering a thriving business community.”