WILTON — Wilton police gave two warnings last week to people trespassing on school property — one on Friday at Middlebrook School on School Road and one on Saturday at the Montessori School on Whipple Road. Police did not issue any tickets.

“As of Friday, we have been proactively enforcing the First Selectwoman’s order,” Lt. Robert Kluk said in an email to Hearst Connecticut Media. “We have officers assigned to checking the closed areas all the time and enforcement action will be taken on those that choose to violate the order.”

Kluk said the people given warnings left without incident.

“We are looking for voluntary compliance but if we do not get that we will ticket those in violation of the order,” he added.

Prior to Friday, he said, there were individuals who “regularly” violated First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice’s order for all school and recreational facilities to be closed, even when signs on the properties specifically indicate they are closed. Most of Wilton’s passive parks and trails remain open.

“It is unfortunate that people are not abiding by the order and are forcing the police to take time away from other business to assure compliance,” he said, adding officers will be at the fields to dissuade people from trespassing.

Trespassers can be given a ticket with a fine of $92.