Wilton police looking to hire certified officers

Wilton Police Department, Wilton, Conn.

Wilton Police Department, Wilton, Conn.

With the Wilton police department down several officers, a campaign is underway seeking recruits. But interested applicants need to act fast.

The department has a deadline of midnight on Thursday, Dec. 26 for applications.

This job search is open to certified police officers, with a salary range betwwen $65,767 to $92,075, depending on experience. Applicants must have a CHIP physical ability card.

The Wilton Police Department has several specialty units:


 K9 Unit

 Accident Reconstruction Team

 Selective Enforcement Unit

 Regional Emergency Response Team (ERT)

 Police Bike Patrol

 School Resource Officer

 Crime Prevention

To apply go to policeapp.com/. For more contact michael.tyler@wiltonct.org .