Wilton police close jewelry case with final arrest

Wilton police arrested a fourth person in connection with a jewelry heist that took place at Campus Jewelers in Wilton Center in October 2017.

Detectives traveled to the correctional facility in Green Haven, N.Y., on Aug. 5, and arrested Jorge Miranda, 39, of 3404 24th Street, Astoria, N.Y.

He was extradited to Connecticut to face first-degree larceny and comspiracy to commit larceny charges. According to police, he was being held in New York on similar charges.

Miranda posted a $100,000 surety bond and is due in Norwalk Superior Court on Aug. 15.

This is the final arrest, police said, stemming from an investigation of the incident where four suspects cooperated in a distraction to steal $21,000 worth of jewelry. According to police, three white females and one white male entered the store. The three females distracted the two salespersons, while the male stole jewelry from behind the counter by placing it into a brown paper shopping bag he was carrying. The suspects then purchased an item with cash before all four left the store with the stolen items.

The women who were arrested were also from New York.

Two of them — Yolanda Santa and her daughter, Erika Santa — pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit third-degree larceny on June 27, 2019. They were each given a one-year suspended sentence and a $1,000 fine.

The third woman arrested, Paula Hurtado, also of Astoria, is due in Stamford Superior Court Sept. 25.